How we’re informing a new approach to customer happiness, gifting, &More; with words from our directors, our suppliers and people we admire.

Latest Thinking

What Technology will Never Change about CX

Technology enables progress — the operative word here being ‘enables’. Technology is no panacea; it provides us with the powerful tools that we need to create the solution ourselves.

&Open Aug 08, 2019

Can This Recycled T-Shirt Change the World?

Meet EVERYBODY.WORLD, the brand making labor equity central to its business plan.

&Open Jul 11, 2019

BTS: Creating a Custom Gift From Scratch

An on-brand experience delivered by us at &Open.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

Our Space

A little look at the Dublin studio.

&Open Jul 05, 2019

The Care Report

Articles by &Open about the importance of care in the world of corporate gifting.

Do One Thing Today: Write a Handwritten Note

A handwritten note is a gift in itself. It shows thought, time and consideration.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

How to Create Global Care

3 Ways to Gift Globally at Scale.

By Tom Cockrell Jul 03, 2019

A Language of Flowers

Exploring the symbolic language of gifting.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

The Secret to Customer Retention? Showing Them Care

Why generosity and loyalty go hand in hand.

By Jonathan Legge Jul 03, 2019


3 Things to Consider When Sending a Corporate Gift

Priority #1: make sure it's contextual.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

A Short History of Gifting

ICYMI, Oprah didn’t start the trend.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

An Object Fixation: &Open x 1882 Ltd mug

Meet the “master potter” behind its colourful glazes.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

How to Foster Fruitful Collaboration

The founder of 1882 Ltd shares her magic ingredient.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

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