Care report

Who cares?

We do

For us, gifting is about building relationships. A fairly obvious thought, but one that is often overlooked for the sake of more easily quantifiable metrics.

At the end of the day, however, our connections with each other might be all that matter. Understandings built on mutual trust establish loyalty; it might be difficult to measure, but loyalty is a cornerstone of contemporary customer service culture.

People need to know they matter. Thoughtful gifting shows you care, and we know that care is key to building relationships that last.

Why it works
Regardless of cost, context or culture, the simple acts of giving and receiving are profoundly linked to care.

We are living in times when acts of outward care go a long way: they are a way of bringing humanity to a soulless digital world.

To care is to practise empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity. It is a primal force for good, a way of establishing trust and loyalty between people.

It is our commitment to the idea of care that sets our work apart.

Care is the ingredient that elevates a relationship from transaction to connection. It has integrity and commitment at its heart.

People remember care and notice its absence.

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