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An employee appreciation approach that works

Why brands are spending more on employee gifting than ever before.

Perhaps the most pivotal change to how (most of us) worked recently was that separation of the team into the four corners of the computer screen. Abruptly, the sometimes loud, oftentimes fun office dissipated and companies scrambled to find the balance with a very quick remote turnaround.

An abundance of meetings-that-could-have-been-emails later and the world has settled into the routine. Your teams have become accustomed to the new working normal and everyone seems at least ostensibly to be working happily away.

What’s missing however--and can’t be replaced--is the ease with which shared spaces allow for simple, meaningful interaction and employee engagement. (Something we’ve taken for granted for so long.) A passing hello in the break room; “how are you?”, “what are you working on?”, “how’s your mom?” Natural, easy employee interaction has been taken away from us and that can heavily impact our association with the brand we work for.

It goes without saying employees want to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. Working remotely isn’t something most employees signed up for but they’re doing the best they can to make it work.


Bad Merch

Mindless Merch

Sending the right message

Quickly came the idea of gift packages for employees at home. Branded experiences that would remind them of the company, of their place within and the meaning of their work. Swag businesses reeled, seeing the opportunity for huge merch sends.

But people are no longer enthused by merch.

Merch irrevocably devalues the integrity of the employee-employer relationship during what are already tenuous times. Employees are more aware than ever of their output - they know their worth. Thus sending low-value, branded items that are unlikely to prove any worth in the employee’s day-to-day life can actually do damage to the relationship instead of improving it.

Delivering care

We wouldn’t have considered employee gifting as one of our core offerings until recently. In the past, we have worked with clients on small internal projects, but in recent months we have onboarded clients specifically to work on employee gifts. Some who have now launched customer-facing gifting initiatives following the success of the employee appreciation campaigns.

These campaigns have been heartwarming to create and deliver with some really special companies, enabling us to translate that care for employees into gifts is an opportunity we couldn’t have foreseen and are really enjoying.


Bespoke Blanket for Calm

If you would like to convey employee recognition and gratitude in a really impactful and memorable way, drop us a message.

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