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Cultivating your customer community

Why recognising the most active members of your community is so important.

Today, brands can’t simply thrive on the name they make for themselves. The prestige and power associated with some brand names in the nineties and early aughts from big advertising and sponsorships, is not so easily got. Brands are fallible. Consumerism shifts with trend and in order to stay relevant, brands must be in touch with their customer base as much as possible.

Today, consumerism is driven by community. This is in part due to social media, but also due to information abundance. If you’re not treating your customers correctly, or more importantly if you are treating them really well - everyone will know about it, because your customers are a community that grow and learn with one another.

To emerge successfully from this global crisis, brands must build experiences that help them engage with their customers at an emotional level

Sharyn Leaver, SVP of Research at Forrester.

Feedback that fosters community

Smart brands are today using social media and forums as a way to foster this sense of community. Customers can connect with each other and comment on their experiences - communicating about the product. These customers are not only engaged with the product, they are also engaged with fellow customers and the brand socially. Notion do this really well through their - encouraging conversation and collaboration wherever possible with the tool.

Rewarding community

When your customers are actively advocating for your brand without any incentive, you know they’re real brand enthusiasts and should be for some time.

So why spend money on them rather than allocating money toward new business? Because retained customers are more profitable long term. Spending money on happy existing customers that are active in the community. They might even go so far as to creating new business opportunities in the course of their advocacy. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and not to be underestimated.

92.26% of brands report that community has positively impacted their brand.

Aspire IQ, Community Intelligence Marketing Report 2020

Creating space to acknowledge those most active in your brand’s community is both intuitive and rewarding. Advocates are the best people to interact with on behalf of your brand. We would know: we’ve been sending gifts to brand advocates and customer communities for years. (It works - send us a message, we’ll tell you about it.)

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