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How to re-activate your customers in our new reality

Adopting care as a strategy

Forecasting for the after of COVID-19 is an almost-impossible feat. We’re living through the most unprecedented situation and as such, business strategy veritably goes out the window. Mindsets shift and a new outlook and focus has to be determined.

During the pandemic, your customers have potentially been idle or unable to use your product. So what are you going to do when normalcy returns and they can once again avail of your service? How will you re-engage with them and get them excited about using your product once more?

Necessity is the mother of invention


Customer reactivation

We are currently helping clients with post-pandemic strategies that will re-engage customers as their service becomes available again. The secret to success here is planning for the right time to react. If, like so many others, your customers have become dormant because of the lockdown, while difficult, this poses an opportunity to evaluate customer experience and loyalty.


Showing customers that your brand cares about them as customers and people (and not just your bottom line) will stand to you in the long run. People are looking for care in business more than ever before in light of this pandemic, and showing the human side of a brand will make it stand out.


A person receives anywhere between 120 to 250 brand messages in any given day. Most of which will either be left unread, or sent to the trash. These numbers have also increased during the pandemic as marketing and customer service efforts have moved almost entirely online.

A gifting campaign allows you the freedom to create a highly bespoke brand experience that is sure to cut through the noise, resonate with your customer and create a memorable experience.


In a survey conducted by Microsoft - 68% of consumers say it increases their perception of a brand when companies send them proactive customer service notifications. Sending a gift instead will only serve to increase this number. Again, because customers are people and people respond to care.

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