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We’ve learnt a thing or two about the science, psychology and behaviour of gifting in our experience.

Tips (8 articles)

Sometimes the perfect gift is a donation

The newest addition to our platform: donation gifting.

&Open Nov 24, 2020

Cultivating your customer community

Why recognising the most active members of your community is so important

&Open Sep 29, 2020

Rewarding the right customers

The key to success

&Open Sep 14, 2020

A surprise is better than “redeemed reward”

The science says surprising really is delighting

&Open Sep 08, 2020

The results of gifting

What are the benefits of a good gifting programme?

&Open Aug 12, 2020

Earning loyalty through customer centricity

How to create lasting memories and strong relationships

&Open Jul 08, 2020

Why our gifting experience is different

&Open principles that make your gifting programme memorable

&Open Jun 17, 2020

&Open May 26, 2020


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