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Sometimes the perfect gift is a donation

The newest addition to our platform: donation gifting.

If there’s anything this year taught us it’s that altruism and care are at the cornerstone of humanity. Over the course of 2020, selflessness has become increasingly obvious in place of selfishness, and we’ve learned more about our effect on others than perhaps ever before in the history of the human race.

The care for the common, for one another, has triumphed over care for the self. We’ve seen it time and again throughout 2020, with brands and people showing selfless care and compassion in moving displays.

Selflessness and giving are two pillars we’ve always been passionate about and had always planned to incorporate onto the &Open platform at some point. And now we’ve done it. We’ve realised, with satisfaction and clarity that sometimes, the perfect gift is a donation.

Giving is a powerful pathway for creating more personal joy and improving overall health.

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Gifts that give back

Giving is something core to a lot of brands, and comes with growth and a good value set. Giving through gifting donations is simply another means to execute on this selfless spirit. People respond really well to brands who go out of their way to do social good, especially if it’s on behalf of their customers or employees. A recent Unilever study revealed that “33% of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.” We want to empower brands to do good and understand the impact that selflessness can have on not only the causes chosen, but also on their employees and customers, involving them in the donation process in a unique way.


A new gifting experience

When you gift a donation instead of a physical object or a voucher, it’s inevitably a different gifting experience. It sends a simple and clear message to the recipient: one that resounds your values and your brand ethos. The psychology behind giving itself has powered the construction of our tool: “people like making their own decision to give. They derive pleasure from the sense of agency.” We allow the user to choose between causes, giving them a sense of agency and accountability, similar to being able to choose your own gift - but in a different context.

Donating on behalf of clients, colleagues or customers is a wonderful way to express care while doing good simultaneously. And we couldn’t be more excited to launch the first of our donation gift campaigns in the coming month.

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