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Why our gifting experience is different

&Open principles that make your gifting programme memorable

Gifting for us is about care, and putting the customer back at the heart of the business. People remember the care that they observe in daily life. It is a simple, impactful thing that we prize in light of its increasing absence. The gift acts as a gesture of care and kindness, landing right on someone’s doorstep, creating an irreplaceable moment of brand-customer connection.

It is our approach.

We go to extra lengths to make sure the gift experiences we create on behalf of our clients are entirely unique and always memorable. Here, we outline the five primary seven of our brand principles that ensure your customers have a memorable experience and feel valued when receiving a gift from us.

1. Design with care

We start by listening, looking to understand what our clients want to say with their gifts. Our design team then works with your brand guidelines and tone of voice to ensure every gift speaks of your values.

In our experience, it’s not just about putting your logo on a product. Cheaply logoed items are in fact, the first kind to be thrown either into a bin or the bottom of a drawer.

2. Responsibly sourced gifts

Our design team works with suppliers across the globe to source the best and most responsibly produced gifts for your company. Working with sustainably mindful and driven producers of all sizes for everything from the gift to the packaging it’s sent in. We ensure that gifts produced have a shelf life that far exceeds that of traditional brand gifts - that your customers will want and love.

3. Truly global gifting reach

Your customers are everywhere, so we’ve built a logistics network that allows you to reach them, wherever they may be. We have warehouses that service NA, Latam, EMEA and APAC quickly and efficiently, meaning your gifts reach your customer quicker and at local shipping rates as opposed to more expensive, international rates. This means a better experience for your customers (and your budget).

47% of internet users worldwide had ditched products and services from a brand that violated their personal values. Protecting the environment topped that list.

Business Insider

4. A fully branded gift experience

Our gifting platform is fully brand-customisable, so when your team is using our service they don’t feel like they are using a third party service. Whether it’s to confirm/request shipping address, send tracking details or ask for feedback on the gift - it’s all branded to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers.

5. Budget optimisation

Designing impactful gifts is always our number one objective, but ensuring sure we’re making the most of your budget is equally as important. Once we know why you want to send your gifts and we’ve researched what your customers enjoy, we will source the best suppliers; striking the balance between supplier location and relation to your customers, closest warehouse, best freight option, lowest CO2 impact and it all coincides to make the most of your gifting budget (promise).

6. Seamless workflow

We strive for gifting to become a seamless part of everyday team workflows - as with any other modern software. To that end, it takes less than 2 minutes to send a gift through the gifting platform meaning agents are working through tickets quickly and efficiently.

Relationships are built on empathy, they cannot be forged or maintained by algorithms, but they can be through simple, human gestures such as gifting. If you want our help creating and delivering memorable gifts for your customers, let us know at

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&Open May 26, 2020