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How &Open can supercharge your marketing strategy.

&Open's loyalty marketing strategies create lasting, physical brand engagement with your most valued prospects and customers.

This builds both affinity and loyalty in a memorable and creative way - reinforcing what your brand stands for. Our solution allows you to send gifts through specific campaigns integrated with your marketing strategy; or continuously through frontline sales and support interactions.

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What makes us better:

  • We custom-design your gifts and the gifting experience to amplify your brand messaging.
  • Our gifts are responsibly sourced and worthy of your brand.
  • The platform makes it easy to track your budget and inventory in order to measure campaign costs and effectiveness.
  • Your campaigns could be targeted anywhere in the world, and our worldwide logistics ensure automated local rate shipping wherever that might be.
  • Our intuitive software requires no training, keeping your frontline resources doing what they do best.
  • No address? No problem. Our tools only need an email address.

Engaging customers with compelling, contextually relevant experiences is the new competitive high ground.

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