Earning Loyalty through Customer Centricity

How to create lasting memories and strong relationships.

One of the founding principles of &Open was and still is: relationships are not built on thoughtless freebies, people need to know they matter.

It’s simple, instinctive, but not something guaranteed in the rapid pace of modern business practice. People receive hundreds if not thousands of discount codes and merch throughout their life, but how much of it makes them feel heard? How much of it makes them loyal to the brand from which these gestures have been received?

The answer is discount codes and thoughtless freebies don’t make customers loyal. 53% of millennials said they’ll search the internet for a deal before making a purchase - a perfect example of how little loyalty there is as a result of the abundance of online discounts.

What, then makes customers loyal in our hyper-digital, hyper-competitive markets? Great customer experience. 67% of consumers say they would recommend a product after a positive customer service experience. 54% will change their buying behaviours after having received a good customer service experience.

A heightened customer experience will stand to you far greater in the long run as it directly correlates with customer loyalty.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Below, we look at how your customer service can become more customer centric.

Reactive customer service

Responding to a customer complaint or query with an elevated and kind customer experience puts the customer back at the centre of the business and makes them feel appreciated. Customer centric policies work - they keep churn rates low and retention rates, especially when - amidst a pandemic, unexpected churn can begin to set in.

Reacting with a contextual message and a customer gift is a great way to go above and beyond in customer service. Not only are you solving the issue, but you’re creating an indelible brand experience that will last in the memory of the customer, and most importantly, one that will stay with them when they go to make their next purchase.

Proactive customer experience

Rewarding customers for their milestones with your brand, for anniversaries or birthdays, is an excellent way to inspire loyalty. It’s something the customer never knew they wanted, but will be delighted to have, and an experience they will remember.

Proactively sending customers a gift at a significant stage in their customer journey can be the difference between them:

  • becoming a detractor or a promoter on the NPS scale
  • increasing their projected lifetime spend, maintaining or decreasing it
  • recommending your brand to a friend or forgetting to
  • writing a positive, lukewarm or negative brand review online

Customers are smart - they understand the thought that goes into a beautifully designed and responsibly sourced gift. When employed strategically, there is nothing so effective to please a customer or ease a customer trouble, than with a great gift. So wherever you are in your gifting journey, get in touch with us, hello@andopen.co. We’re here to help!

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