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A Letter to All

Hello friends,
What times are these. We hope you feel safe.

By Jonathan Legge Mar 31, 2020

Why we add Friction to our Gifting UX

Not all UX should be seamless, especially if you're getting a gift at the end.

&Open Jan 16, 2020

&Open Dec 13, 2019

A Black Friday Commentary

Will this year be the first that people don't go crazy for Black Friday?

By Hugo MacDonald Nov 26, 2019

&Open Nov 26, 2019

Customer Retention Difficulty? Try Gifting

Reduce your churn rate through thoughtful gifting.

&Open Oct 18, 2019

What Makes a Good Gift? Context

A supplier story: Cushendale.

&Open Oct 03, 2019

How to Start a Customer Gifting Program

It's all in the intricate details.

&Open Sep 26, 2019

Our Space

A little look at the Dublin studio.

&Open Aug 16, 2019

What Technology Will Never Change About Customer Experience

Technology enables progress — the operative word here being ‘enables’. Technology is no panacea; it provides us with the powerful tools that we need to create the solution ourselves.

&Open Aug 08, 2019

Creating a Custom Gift From Scratch: An &Open Case Study

An on-brand experience delivered by us.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

3 Things to Consider When Sending a Customer Gift

Priority #1: make sure it's contextual.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

The Biggest Mistake Customer Service Teams Make

And why human gestures matter in a digitally-driven world.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

A Short History of Gifting

ICYMI, Oprah didn’t start the trend.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

The Secret to Customer Engagement

It's simple. Generosity, loyalty and care.

By Jonathan Legge Jul 03, 2019

3 Simple Tips for Sending Gifts Digitally

It doesn’t have to be so impersonal.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

Time to Swap Your Plastic Brand Merch for More Sustainable Promotional Products

Otherwise...The plastic stuff you're currently using is going to end up in the ocean.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

Do one Thing Today: Write a Handwritten Note

A handwritten note is a gift in itself. It shows thought, time and consideration.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

How to Foster Fruitful Collaboration

A supplier story: 1882 Ltd.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

How to Create Global Care through Client Gifting

3 Ways to Gift Globally at Scale.

By Tom Cockrell Jul 03, 2019

The Lost Meaning of Flowers

Exploring the symbolic language of gifting.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

The Power of Immeasurables in Business When Caring for Customers

A conversation with Ilse Crawford about care and capitalism.

By Jonathan Legge Jul 03, 2019

1882 Ltd Mug: A Memorable and Fixating Gift

Meet the “master potter” behind its colourful glazes.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

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