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Customer retention difficulty? Try gifting

Reduce your churn rate through thoughtful gifting.

&Open Oct 18, 2019

What makes a good gift? Context

A supplier story: Cushendale.

&Open Oct 03, 2019

How to start a customer gifting program

It's all in the intricate details.

&Open Sep 26, 2019

A short history of gifting

ICYMI, Oprah didn’t start the trend

&Open Aug 28, 2019

Our space

A little look at the Dublin studio.

&Open Aug 16, 2019

What technology will never change about customer experience

Technology enables progress — the operative word here being ‘enables’. Technology is no panacea; it provides us with the powerful tools that we need to create the solution ourselves.

&Open Aug 08, 2019

Creating a custom gift from scratch: an &Open case study

An on-brand experience delivered by us.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

Three things to consider when sending a customer gift

Priority #1: make sure it's contextual.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

The biggest mistake customer service teams make

And why human gestures matter in a digitally-driven world.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

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Memorable gifts make brands stand out.

Give customers and employees a reason to be lifelong loyalists.

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