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Culture (18 articles)

From classmates to the C-suite

How friends from college went on to build one powerful platform (hint: it was ours).

&Open Sep 07, 2021

Building for the real world

What the &Open Engineering team loves about what they do.

&Open Aug 17, 2021

A letter to all

In times like these, we hope you feel safe.

By Jonathan Legge Jan 14, 2021

Touch deprived?

Aren't we all.

&Open Oct 07, 2020

Loyalty in our new reality

As we emerge into a changing landscape where revival feels possible – what does loyalty really mean today?

By Jonathan Legge Jul 16, 2020

Imperfect paths

Notes on an artist: Richard Long.

&Open Jun 18, 2020

How do you maintain connection...

when you have 10,000 connections?

&Open Jun 03, 2020

A commentary on Black Friday

Will this year be the first that people don't go crazy?

By Hugo MacDonald Nov 26, 2019

&Open Nov 26, 2019

How to start a customer gifting program

It's all in the intricate details.

&Open Sep 26, 2019

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