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Gifting (7 articles)

Customer Retention Difficulty? Try Gifting

Reduce your churn rate through thoughtful gifting.

&Open Oct 18, 2019

What Makes a Good Gift? Context

Why a blanket was the perfect customer gift for this brand.

&Open Oct 03, 2019

In the World of Sustainable Fashion-One Recycled T-Shirt Reminds Us to Be More Thoughtful

Meet EVERYBODY.WORLD, the brand making labor equity central to its business plan.

&Open Aug 22, 2019

Creating a Custom Gift From Scratch: An &Open Case Study

An on-brand experience delivered by us.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

A Short History of Gifting

ICYMI, Oprah didn’t start the trend.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

The Lost Meaning of Flowers

Exploring the symbolic language of gifting.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

1882 Ltd Mug: A Memorable and Fixating Gift

Meet the “master potter” behind its colourful glazes.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

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