The Results You Should Expect from a Gifting Program

What comes after you’ve sent a good gift to your customer?

A question we’re asked a lot at &Open is what’s the return of a gifting programme? Our answer always starts with the value of gifting as it cannot be overlooked nor understated as a customer strategy. The gift acts as a conduit for meaningful connection between the brand and customer and once that connection is established, the returns become manifold.

For customers, receiving a gift makes them feel valued, it makes them feel seen. To be in receipt of something other than an email or notification from a brand--something beautifully designed and sent with care-- establishes a feeling of gratitude. It creates a moment of compelling engagement between brand and customer that has not previously been experienced, ultimately driving loyalty and creating a happy customer. And this is what a happy customer means to a business.

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Customer engagement

Every gifting touchpoint is designed to generate a sense of excitement about this new brand-customer interaction. Customers who receive a gift will receive branded communications before getting the gift to their door, extending the engagement and awareness that the brand is going above and beyond in the service of their happiness. When customers are engaged with your brand, you remain top-of-mind and consequently, their number one choice.

Increased CLV

The gift acts as a conduit for emotional connection between brand and customer and emotionally connected customers have a 306% better lifetime value than merely satisfied customers. As we’ve established, gift strategies increase customer retention rates and emotionally connected customers will spend more - your customer lifetime spend will increase exponentially.

Brand advocacy

Shiv Singh, former SVP at Visa said, The purpose of a business is to create customers who creates customers. Gifting creates these customers - the ones who become vocal advocates for a brand - they’re the ones that post the gift on their social media. It’s intuitive. Happy customers are the ones who will tell their friends and family about brands they’ve had memorable experiences with. You just need to give them a reason to talk about you!


High customer retention

Happy customers are more likely to stick around, reducing churn rate and leading to higher customer retention rates. There’s many reasons why customer retention is the new acquisition, including the fact that to retain a customer is 7x cheaper than to acquire a new one. This is especially important during times when the economy is not favourable or when people are reducing spending- you’re always better off caring for those customers you already have. As little as a 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%.

When a gift is sent that is well designed and responsibly sourced; that’s accompanied by a well-written message; at an important point in the customer lifecycle - it has the capacity to create a truly loyal customer. Gifting creates happy customers and happy customers are the best customers, and that is the result of a gifting programme. It’s as simple as that.

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